Workshop internazionale di Speleologia in Cavità Artificiali

03 Mag

International Workshop

on Speleology in Artificial Cavities

“Classification of the typologies

of artificial cavities in the world”

Torino/Italy – May 18-20, 2012

Parco della Tesoriera, Corso Francia 192

Associazione Gruppi Speleologici Piemontesi (AGSP)

(subway stop “Montegrappa”)


Friday May 18, 2012

Arrival of participants

17.00: Meeting of UIS Commission on Artificial Cavities (participation open)

19.00 In memory of  Luigi Barcellari (Birci) Member of Commission on Artificial Cavities of the Italian Speleological Society.

Saturday May 19, 2012


M. Parise:  Introduction to the workshop

Authorities welcome:

Associazione Gruppi Speleologici Piemontesi

Società Speleologica Italiana

Union Internationale de Speleologie


C. Galeazzi (Egeria Centro Ricerche Sotterranee): The typological tree of artificial cavities: an SSI Commission contribution. DOWNLOAD PDF

M. Parise: Hydraulic works: the Map of the Ancient Underground Aqueducts

M. Mainetti: A Mediterranean Troglodytism database. An overview on the rupestrian settlements of the Mediterranean region

L. Stevens: The troglodytic castles of the Northern Vosges (France)

L. Triolet: Underground refuges and war tunnels

R. Bixio: A new type of rocky work: the Apiaries

M. Dixon: Underground with Subterranea Britannica – site types and interests



C. Chiappino: The Ancient Mines & Quarries Census Project : a systematical approach to a missed heritage

M. Meneghini: The Italian Cadastre of Artificial Cavities

M. Parise: Artificial Caves as a possible danger: sinkholes and other effects at the surface

G. Badino: Artificial and natural cavities, the two underground worlds. Which is the largest?…


ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION: A system of classification for artificial cavities: updating of the Italian classification and outcomes from the workshop

18.00-18.30 Poster session

20.00 Social dinner in a typical restaurant (not included in the workshop fee)

Sunday May 20, 2012


Visit to the Museum Pietro Micca and the 1706 Torino siege. From the Museum we will have access to the underground gallery, a military structure 14-km long.

Scientific Committee:

Mario Parise (Chairperson), Joep Orbons, Carla Galeazzi, Roberto Bixio, Martin Dixon, Hakan Eğilmez, Jean Francois Garnier , Jérôme Triolet, Laurent Triolet, Luc Stevens

Organizing Committee:

Fabrizio Milla (Responsible) – Associazione Gruppi Speleologici Piemontesi (AGSP), Carla Galeazzi (Egeria Centro Ricerche Sotterranee), Mario Parise, Alessandra Pueroni, Enrico Croce.


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